When your fish deserves more than a flush

You can be an adult who has grown attached to their pet fish or a parent who has to break the news to their children about the
passing of their beloved pet fish. Either way, you need to have an appropriate way to say goodbye to your underwater
companion.We have spent thousands of dollars to put together the best funeral package for your deceased friend.

Help turn the sadness of losing your fish into a joyful celebration of
life - guaranteed - or your money back!

Grieving Process

Learn about different emotions and different steps you can take to turn the negative feeling (sadness,
guilt) and turn them into positive memories of your fish


Burial Ideas

Discover the most appropriate burial method for you departed fish.

Its not just about flushing them down the toilet anymore!

Casket Creation

Simple home made, yet quality, caskets you can construct for your friend.

This is exactly what I was looking for when my fish, Jarmikee, passed away. I wanted a way to remember him by and let him know I gave him the
best life possible. Thank you for making this happen

making lasting memories

Find out how to make memories of your fish that you can hold on to forever
to make sure your fish always remains a part of your life.”

Certificate of Life

Help remember your beloved fish with this fully customizable

My fish got exactly what she deserved when she died thanks to this website.

Gravestone Thoughts

Homemade items and also things you can purchase

Having a Fish Funeral

How to plan a small funeral for a group of friends or family

  • Eulogy ideas
  • Song ideas

This kit contains everything you could want to have the perfect
funeral for your fish. If you loved your fish and want to give
them the best send off possible, this book is the way to do it.

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I knew my kids were going to be devastated when they found out Molly, our goldfish, had died. I found this online before they got home from school and it really helped me explain the death to them. I am glad I found a product like this.

The complete package I was looking for to give my kids when I noticed their fish was no longer swimming around the bowl. I thought I should do more than just flush it, so I bought this package, glad I did

My 6 year old cried for days when his fish died. This site didn't solve the problem, but it definitely made it better.

Totally worth it. I would tell others to buy this.