What is the Fish Funeral Kit?

It is an eBook that is full of ideas on how to give your fish the best possible funeral. Ideas on everything from where to bury your fish, how to build them a casket, ways to have a fish funeral and much more!

Why purchase this book?

You should not have to spend hours searching for ideas or trying to create your own ideas on how to have a fish funeral kit. You spend your time doing what matters – and that is remembering your fish or helping a loved one cope with their loss. We have worked hard to put together the best possible product for you.

Does it work for any type of fish?

Absolutely. This book is great for fresh water fish, salt water fish, betas, sharks or any other type of fish you might have.

How is the Fish Funeral Kit Delivered?

You kit will be immediately available for download after you purchase it. No waiting!

Can you buy the Fish Funeral Kit in stores?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

What if for any reason I am not happy with this kit?

We love to hear feedback and take suggestions seriously. Also you will get a 100% refund of your purchase.

What if I love everything about this kit?

Let us know that too!

How do I contact you?